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    BLUE BROTHER IMAGE SAMPLING (BBIS) is an Online Agency specialized in complex web projects, web apps & online presence. See ZENDUZ, our own online web app⇲

  • We have started 25 years ago as an advertising company and Blue Brother was making a lot of visual communications and interactive products. We are working for small and big multinational clients...

    This days we are more specialized in online productions like web apps for all type of companies, to improve their visibility and usability in the online world. We have develop several products and applications in this field.

    And the experience in the interactivity we have gathered during the last 25 years is are proofing to be very useful...⇲

    See: Our video below...
  • In this years we have been working for some big internationals like, Rabobank, WWF, Douwe Egberts...

    ... and advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, Sachi&Sachi, Publicis...⇲

    See: Film below...
  • We have learn a lot on smaller projects like page for Richard Korver ...⇲
  • ... or this one for small hotel company..⇲

  • Our CODE04 brand produce complex web projects or "screaming" WordPress designs.

    See: CODE04 examples...
  • Interactivity, even before internet times...

    This was interactive NS CD-ROM (National Railways)
  • ... making interactive CD's and interactive kiosks. One of them was for NS... and now we are still in the same field, only now we have move to iPad App like this pilot for the

    MotorBoot Magazine...
  • Now we are building complex software production like Zenduz, an email design software and we can still use our "old" skills of visual communications...

    See: Zenduz Film

  • We made several Roche Pharmaceuticals interactive of-line Apps...

  • ...and for ARTIS we made award wining interactive kiosk "Planeet Aarde..."
  • ... in years we produced many Gouden Gids interactive sales promotion products...

  • More and more complex products are crossing our roads. We get a great satisfaction by building a complex an demanding applications like we have done for Groenewegen.

    A database driven product promotion and lead generating parts combined with storytelling element is where we can use our "old" skills of visual communications.

    We believe that internet communication carries a lot of elements of time based media end we are planing to incorporate this skills and knowledge in our future productions and products.

    We are convinced that the experience in the "old" world will translate in the quality in the new one.

  • As we move with the time, the App's are also our new field of work. See for more info our CODE04 page.

    App page:
  • ... but also with big pleasure we make non commercial projects like this scientific congers page of foundation for Movement Science or acupuncture page...

  • ...the development of the .tax LOGO is an indication that not only the technical execution, but also aesthetic and graphic design are leading to an successful execution of an online presence...

  • ... for WWF we produced the "world" video leader...

  • Among out client are also a government institutions, like Municipality of Heerhugowaard with its City of the Sun project, and Ministry of finance with it's interactive presentation...
    but also cultural institutions like Stichting Sem Presser Archiev choose us for our quality and common sense approach...

    Stichting Sem Presser Archiev
  • HTLM5 page build many years ago

    See: Sem Presser web page
  • On the field of online applications development we have designed and build this databased CM2 Price Calculating Machine with more than 300 variables...

    See: Demo Page MC2
  • We also cooperate with our Ukrainian partner We are planning to extend our cooperation to build a full blown applications creation Room To Do.

    See: Room To Do
  • Our project eMail-Makers produce and design any type of email templates for companies.

    As company emails are as important as any other parts of a company's identity.

  • MailManix develops Email Branding Solutions for companies and institutions.

    see: Zenduz
  • Selection of some MOVING IMAGES Project in the last years made for different small and big clients...

    play BBIS Film⇲
  • Rabobank promo film...

    play RABOBANK Promo Film⇲

BlueBrother specializes in providing services geared towards companies who are in search of a professional, flexible, and experienced team of web specialists. Our attention to detail cannot be surpassed, and we work tirelessly to reflect this in everything we touch, thus the impressive portfolio we are proud to share. Whether you're in need of a web presence, web application, or customized online aap, you can count on us to provide a bits perfect representation of your specific needs.

Group of international thinking professionals is working as a team, and we are producing top-notch assets for our clients. Ranging from well-known companies, to up and coming startups, all of our clients share a high level of satisfaction with our work.

Having worked for clients as Philips, Rabobank, WWF, dutch national railway company NS and many more, we know what it takes to complete a project full circle. From concepts to revisions to execution, we involve top professionalism in each step, ensuring we meet our clients expectations throughout the entire process.

Our brans are CODE04, MailManix, eMail-Makers and Zenduz.

If you are interested in working with us, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know a what your needs are, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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